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to heat, warm up something (a house, a room)-dat with a stove, a heating

frùc. stove, heater, heating

friclùj. central heating ( fràc lÌji. ‘heat up the house’)
frucxùf. hot-water radiator (frucxùf. xÌf frùcU. frùc xÙfu. ‘stove benefitting from water’)

Usage notes

Since devices for heating rooms, houses etc. have technically been separated from cooking devices (soùx. ‘kitchen stove’) and water boilers, the meaning of this word has been restricted to the former.

When using this word, don’t forget that the inner factive already means ‘warm up a house or room’, so the tool noun is often dispensable: ‘to turn up the heating in the kitchen’ is best translated as fràc soòrxi. stove-fact1 cook-sce-dat2., ‘to turn up the central heating’ as friclàj..


NLem fror‑a ‘(warmth given by a) stove’
LMLem, MLem wirftor‑yr ‘heat (human-made)’
OLem wirftor‑
PLem *werftor‑ ‘fireplace, hearth’
PIE *u̯érh₃‑tor‑s, event agent of
  PIE *u̯erh₃‑ ‘be hot, burn’


Lit vérda ‘boil’, probably Eng warm (but see gmrà.)