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to greet, welcome someone-dat to someplace-sce, to say farewell, goodbye to someone-dat; a greeting or farewell, ‘How do you do? Good morning/afternoon/evening/night! Goodbye!’ etc.

Usage notes

While this verb used to be reserved for welcome greetings until recent times, it is now used as a fairly universal greeting, also for farewells. The informal variant is gà..


NLem gjor‑a, syncope of
LMLem, MLem gjisor‑a ‘welcome, show respect’
OLem gjisor‑
PLem *gjesor‑ ‘hand’
PIE *g̑ʰés‑or‑s, r-stem noun of
  PIE *g̑ʰes‑ ‘grip’

doublet of jàs. and xrà.


Eng chiro‑practic (via Koi), TochB ṣar ‘hand’