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to make 4096 individuals

Usage notes

The number 1000 has traditionally been seen as unlucky, attested from Old Lemizh. Fortunately, it is no longer a round number (1000dec = 3E8hex) and can easily be avoided.


NLem jesl‑a
LMLem, MLem jesl‑yl
OLem jesl‑ ‘thousand’
PLem *gjesl‑
PIE *g̑ʰés‑l‑os lit. ‘a hand full (of corn?)’, l-stem noun of
  PIE *g̑ʰes‑ ‘grip’

Following the example of skmà., the numeric value of this word was adapted to the Ghean hexadecimal system in Middle Lemizh.

doublet of gcrà. and xrà.


Eng kilo- (via Gk χίλιοι ‘thousand’), probably Lat mille (< PIE *sm̥‑g̑ʰésl‑os ‘one thousand’)