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to magnetically repel (dat: attract) something-acc, to be a magnet, to be magnetic; magnetism

manwÌ. ferromagnetic


NLem, LMLem, MLem manw‑a ‘affection’
OLem manw‑
PLem *manw‑, néu̯-present of
PIE *men‑ ‘think’

The NLem word for affection gradually replaced ned‑a << Koi μαγνῆτι‑ς ‘magnet’ (probably from the region Μαγνησία in Ancient Greece, where magnetic stones were found).

doublet of màjw. ‘feel affection’, màsw., minà. and swmilà.


Gk μνάομαι ‘remember’, Lat mēns ‘mind, reason’