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to make the goddess Minerva/Athena; to make the dwarf planet Pluto

Usage notes

See djeipysràd. for some information on Lemizh polytheism.


gender change of
NLem minesw‑a, academic loan of
OLem minesw‑ ‘Goddess of wisdom’
PLem *menesw‑
PIE *men‑ésu̯‑eh₂, nominalisation of
  PIE *men‑ ‘think’

Pluto was named for the owl-eyed Athena because owl’s eyes are needed to spot it. Later, it turned out that she had not only wisdom but also a great heart.

doublet of manwà., màjw., màsw. and smwilà.


Gk μνάομαι ‘remember’, Lat Minerva