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to make a (solar) year (see appendix, Date and Units of measurement for usage)

OtòR. New Year

OteihkÌ. lunar year ( OtÌ ihkèe. ‘a year made by the Moon’; see appendix, Moon calendar)

Usage notes

The New Year is celebrated extensively and lushly by the Lemizh. This was different during Old and Middle Lemizh times, when the turn of the year was a rather prosaic matter.


NLem Ot‑a
LMLem Òytkt‑yr ‘year’
MLem OOytkt‑yr ‘saros (a time span of about 18 years)’
Ghe ȫətqᴛ‑ə̄ /øː͜ətqt̠ɯː/

The meaning in LMLem is somewhat unclear, as jixar‑yr also seems to have meant ‘year’. It is possible that one of the two words was used for the Ghean lunar year and one for the native solar year.