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to make/produce seeds; to make nuclei

texUadmÌc. atomic nucleus ( texÌ admÌcU. ‘atom’s nucleus’)
texUxUxtrÌ. comet nucleus
texUxtrÌj. planet’s core
texUsklontÌ. cell nucleus

Usage notes

The various kinds of nuclei are usually just called texÌ. in their respective disciplines and contexts. Use above compounds only if diffenentiation is necessary.


NLem tex‑a
LMLem tèx‑yr
MLem teex‑yr ‘seed, offspring’
OLem tēh‑
PLem *tewh‑
PIE *teu̯k‑ós

Poststem formation was inhibited by tàx. ‘art’, which is saying something about Lemizh priorities, or at least perspective on life.


Eng thigh, OCS tukŭ ‘fat, grease’