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acc (poetically self-transporting): to blow (only of wind)

xnÌt. wind, breeze
xnèt. wind (poetic, personifying)

Usage notes

Wind is associated with whistling and thus happiness and joy, usually of a fierce kind; compare wzÌc. ‘rain’.

In the literal sense, the word normally denotes a light wind or breeze; consequently, xRÌbv. ‘gale, strong breeze’ is used for significantly lower wind speeds than the English word ‘gale’.


NLem xont‑a ‘breeze’
LMLem, MLem xuxont‑ar ‘wind’
OLem xuhont‑
PLem *xuhont‑
PIE *h₂uh₁‑ónt‑s, root present active participle of
  PIE *h₂u̯eh₁‑ ‘blow’

doublet of aràc.


Eng wind, Lat ventus ‘wind’