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to rain somewhere-dat etc.

wzèc. rain cloud
wzÌc. the rain

wzyc. raindrop

Usage notes

Unsurprisingly, rain is associated with weeping and thus sadness. Together with xnÌt. ‘wind’, which can stand for happiness because of its whistling, this gives us metaphors such as — wzyncÒ xnÌntO. ‘with (wildly) mixed feelings’, attested from Early New Lemizh.


NLem wzar‑a
LMLem, MLem wuzar‑yr
OLem wuzar‑
PLem *wozar‑ ‘water’ [inanimate]
PIE *u̯ódr̥, deverbal noun of
  PIE *u̯ed‑ ‘well, gush’

PIE also had an animate word for water, *h₂ép‑s; see xàf..


Eng water, undulate (via Lat unda ‘wave’), Gk ὕδωρ ‘water’