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to rule as a monarch over someone-dat; in grammar: to act as a predicate of an object-dat

Rèc. monarch; king, queen; also the constellation roughly corresponding to Cepheus (see appendix, Constellations)

Recwìx. (grammar) sentence ( wàx Rèca. ‘the parole is the predicate’)

Usage notes

The Ghean monarch likely was an absolute ruler, possibly something like a god-king. After the Ghean rule, by Late Middle Lemizh times, the word was applied to the Lemizh king, and by extension to monarchs of other countries. During Early New Lemizh times, Lemaria became a constitutional monarchy, which it remains today. Ràc. in modern contexts therefore mainly refers to representative and administrative tasks.


NLem aRc‑a
LMLem àRcc‑ar
MLem ayRcc‑ar
Ghe aəxshshˡ‑ā /a͜əʁʒʒʌː/


unrelated to Lat rex ‘king’, Ved rājan ‘king, prince’