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to lend someone-dat something-acc;
dat: to borrow something-acc from someone-nom, to incur debts to someone-nom;
dat, perfect: to owe someone-nom something-acc

bermÌ. debt (money or goods owed)
bermìl. debt (state of owing someone money or goods)

bermu. borrowing [money], having the opportunity to do so – typically getting oneself foreseeably into trouble ( dà bermùy. ‘give / be given the means of borrowing’)

Usage notes

The use of this word is restricted to economical and financial transactions, including minor and private ones such as ‘Can I borrow your pen?’. It isn’t used for social or ethical debts as in ‘I owe you an answer = I must (dàxt.) give you an answer, I must answer you’ or ‘Your advice really helped me; I am in your debt = I must do something for you’.


Eth bhérmi ‘debt’
PWald *bhérmi
PIE *bʰér‑mn̥ ‘burden’, neuter abstract -mn̥-noun of
  PIE *bʰer‑ ‘carry, bear’

doublet of wàwb.


Eng bear ‘carry’, Gk φέρω ‘carry, bear, bring’