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dà. [1]

to give something-acc to someone-dat;
dat: to get, receive (agentive: take) something-acc from someone-nom

dytexà. to sow
dyxàf. to water something-dat

Usage notes

Giving at the ‘right’ time was an important issue in Late Middle Lemizh times, governed by rather complicated rules. Today, we still have phrases such as dà nÌjaR. ‘give between times = commit a social blunder’ and dà gmÌaR. ‘give outside times = ditto’; and dàR. ‘the time of giving’ can mean ‘exactly the right moment’.


NLem dO‑a
LMLem dÒ‑a
MLem dOO‑a
OLem dö‑
PLem *dō‑, Narten present of
PIE *deh₃‑


Gk δίδωμι ‘give’, Lat ‘give’

dà. [2]

agentive ins: to calculate a trigonometric function of an angle etc.-dat to give some result-acc (see unit 7, Mathematical functions)

illustration of the use of spatial verbs for the trigonometric functions

dyprà. to calculate the cosine ( dà prìly. ~ ‘calculate the frontness’, i.e. the distance in the direction of the first or x-axis)
dyàf. to calculate the sine (~ ‘calculate the upness’)
dyfàw. to calculate the tangent (~ ‘calculate the farness’)


academic formation, gender change of
NLem disk‑a ‘circle’

See dàsk. for further information.


Eng disc (via Lat discus)