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to pay an amount/price-acc to someone-dat for something-fin;

dÌpq. price for something-fin; fin: to cost an amount-acc
dùpq. money
dÙlpq. purchase (something for which has been paid)

dypqnÙl. free of charge
dypqcrÙl. cheap
dypqdmÙl. expensive


NLem dOpf‑a
LMLem dÒaptf‑a
MLem dOO‑aptf‑a, compound of
  MLem dOO‑a ‘give’
OLem dö‑
PLem *dō‑, Narten present of
PIE *deh₃‑
  MLem aptf‑yr ‘gold’
Ghe aptf‑ə̄ /aptɸɯː/


Gk δίδωμι, Lat