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to make many, much (relative weight 3⁄4; see unit 7, Weighting numerals – usually with partitive bracket; see unit 8, Cardinal numerals)

also an alternative name for the language game mentioned under dmàj.


gender change of
NLem bmin‑a ‘full’
LMLem, MLem pylmen‑yr
OLem pylhmen‑
PLem *palhmen‑
PIE *pl̥h₁‑mh̥₁n‑ós ‘filled’, root present mediopassive participle of
  PIE *pleh₁‑ ‘fill, become full’

See Ràbv. for information on Ghean weighting numerals.

doublet of dmàj.


Eng full, Lat plēnus ‘full’