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to make the god or the planet Saturn/Kronos (symbol: Æ)

Usage notes

See djeipysràd. for some information on Lemizh polytheism, and nàt. for the weekday associated with this god.


NLem dziskont‑a, academic loan of
OLem dziskont‑ ‘Seedputter (the God of agriculture)’
PLem *dzeskont‑
PIE *dʰh̥₁sk̑‑ónt‑s ‘putting, making’, sk̑é-present active participle of
  PIE *dʰeh₁‑ ‘put, make’

The root is probably the same as in PIE *dʰóh₁‑n‑eh₂ ‘seed, grain’.


Gk δίδωμι ‘give’, Lat ‘give’