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to open something-acc, also non-sending
acc, occasionally self-transporting: to
(in measurements, else informal) to make 65536⁶ individuals (see appendix, Units of measurement)

djUtnÌt. Saturnian day, the Lemizh equivalent of Monday (symbol: Æ; see appendix, Date)

Usage notes

The inherited name of the god has been used metonymically in the sense of ‘seed, inception, beginning’ since Old Lemizh times. In Early New Lemizh, the verbal form expressed facilitating access to something, or the ‘opening’ of new opportunities – a usage that is alive today.

The planet Saturn, as well as the god, is called djistnÌt. in Modern Lemizh.


haplology of
NLem dzokont‑a
LMLem, MLem dziskont‑yr ‘Seedputter (the God of agriculture)’
OLem dziskont‑
PLem *dzeskont‑
PIE *dʰh̥₁sk̑‑ónt‑s ‘putting, making’, sk̑é-present active participle of
  PIE *dʰeh₁‑ ‘put, make’

Expected would be ModLem **djotnàt. and resulting **djUt-djotnÌt. for the name of the day; this caused the haplology. The root is probably the same as in PIE *dʰoh₁‑néh₂‑s ‘seed, grain’.


Gk δίδωμι ‘give’, Lat ‘give’