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to make citrus fruits

drèj. citrus tree or shrub (especially those with edible fruit)
drÌj. citrus fruit

dryjyphà. to make oranges
dryjlàbv. to make white grapefriuts
dryjlàxw. to make limes
dryjglàst. to make (red) grapefruits
dryjdàv. to make lemons
(all with inner nom for the tree and inner acc for the fruit)

Usage notes

Citrus trees have been personified since Early New Lemizh times. Prominent is the idea that they purposefully produce their fruit for its colour, smell and taste.


NLem drun‑a
LMLem dryn‑a
OCh  /*[d]ˤrəŋ/ ‘citrus tree’, of unknown origin