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to marry (Traditionally, the man is in the nom and the woman in the dat; the more modern approach is to use the nom for both, combined with a partitive ‘and’.); a wedding

dwèc. (traditional) bridegroom, husband; (modern, with outer partitive) spouse
dwìc. (traditional) bride, wife
dwìlc. marriage
dwòc. a Lemizh concept similar to getting engaged, but more informal

dwecRìc. king’s wife; also the constellation Cassiopeia (see appendix, Constellations)
dwocwè., dwocwì. fiancé(e) (The second w is a pronoun referring to the parole and has to be adjusted for the word’s level. See ‘spilt milk’ in unit 10, Perfect, which is the same type of construction only with a cons instead of a ten.)

Usage notes

While a modern Lemizh marriage amounts to a sincere promise, little is known about the situation in Old Lemizh times. OLem dwarnh‑ seems to have referred to a rather more informal concept; it may have meant something closer to ‘get engaged’.

The resemblence to dwà. ‘make two’ is pure chance but often seen as quite fitting.


NLem, LMLem, MLem dwarn‑a
OLem dwarnh‑
PLem *dwarnh‑, nasal-infix present of
PIE *tu̯erh₁‑ ‘grasp’


Lit tveriù ‘grasp’, Gk σειρᾱ́ ‘rope, chain’