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(in measurements, else informal) to make 65536⁴ individuals (see appendix, Units of measurement)

djUtfrÌg. Martian day, the Lemizh equivalent of Tuesday (symbol: Ä; see appendix, Date)

Usage notes

The planet Mars, as well as the god, is called frekrÌf. in Modern Lemizh.


NLem frOgr‑a
LMLem frèkur‑yr ‘Brother (in) War’
MLem freekur‑yr
OLem frēkur‑
PLem *pfrā‑kor‑, compound of
  PLem *pfrā‑ ‘brother’, suffixless from of
PIE *bʰréh₂ter‑s
  PLem *kor‑ ‘war’
PIE *kór‑os


Eng brother; Ger Heer ‘army’