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to make chickens; (physics) to make quarks

Usage notes

The chicken is proverbial for ‘making’ something, namely eggs. grÌcem. ‘make/build something, like a chicken’, (where mà. can absorb an accusative object) in the sense of ‘make/build something thoroughly, consistently’ (not necessarily at high speed) is attested since Late Middle Lemizh.


NLem grOr‑a
LMLem, MLem gyrter‑yr
OLem gyrter‑ ‘rooster’
PLem *garter‑
PIE *g̑r̥‑tér‑s, non-event agent of
  PIE *g̑ar‑ ‘sound, call’

Quarks have been termed ‘chickens’ by an imaginative West Lemizh physicist allegedly because they make [up] round things such as protons and neutrons. The term has been calqued into many languages, such as Gk κότα or Br kork (< PCelt *kerkā).


Gk γῆρυς ‘voice’; but Eng care is questionable