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to make or build something-acc from something-dat, to turn something-dat into something-acc;
dat: to turn into something-acc, to become something-acc

mÌ. entity, thing; stuff

ganàa. something sung, song (concrete noun)
sràba. writing, text
etc. (see unit 14, Objects related to language and the sixth exercise there)

Usage notes

See grÌc. ‘chicken’.


NLem me‑a
LMLem mè‑a
MLem mee‑a ‘change’
OLem mē‑ ‘change’ [intr.]
PLem *mē‑, Narten present of
PIE *mei̯‑ ‘(ex)change’


Ved ví mayante ‘take turns (?)’, TochB mäsk‑ ‘exchange’; unrelated to Eng make