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to teach someone-dat something-acc; something-acc to someone-dat (the latter can be translated as a progressive aspect);
dat: to learn about something-acc (with inner non-fact, e.g. aff for actions); dat: doing something-acc (with inner fact);
dat, perfect: to know about something-acc (with inner non-fact); dat, perfect: to know how to do something-acc, can do, be able to do something-acc (with inner fact)

gwattàkf. teach specifically at university


NLem, LMLem, MLem gwet‑a
OLem gwet‑
PLem *gwesh‑ ‘know’, Narten present of
PIE *kʷek̑‑ ‘see’


Ved ákhyat ‘has seen, has looked’, OCS kažǫ ‘show, admonish’