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to make (it) autumn

Usage notes

Technically, autumn starts with the autumnal equinox (around 23rd September in our calendar) and ends with the winter solstice (around 21st December). In everyday parlance, however, the term is usually applied to the time spanning weeks 40 to 52 in the Lemizh Sun calendar, which starts and ends somewhat earlier.


NLem hketm‑a
LMLem ihkètm‑yr
MLem ihkeOtm‑yr ‘ninth (full) moon’
Ghe ishq‑eöᴛⁿ‑ə̄ /ɪʃqɛ͜œt̠ⁿɯː/, compound of
  Ghe ishq‑ə̄ /ɪʃqɯː/ ‘Moon’
  Ghe eöᴛⁿ‑ə̄ /ɛ͜œt̠ⁿɯː/ ‘nine’

The months of the Ghean Moon calendar actually drifted through the seasons; but the ninth full moon came to be interpreted (probably by mistake) as the full moon near the autumnal equinox, and hence acquired its present meaning.