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to make (it) summer

Usage notes

Technically, summer starts with the summer solstice (around 21st June in our calendar) and ends with the autumn equinox (around 23st September). In everyday parlance, however, the term is usually applied to the time spanning weeks 27 to 39 in the Lemizh Sun calendar, which starts and ends somewhat earlier.


NLem leqx‑a
LMLem lèqx‑yr
MLem leeqx‑yr ‘warm part of the year’, contamination of
OLem lēth‑
PLem *lēth‑
PIE *leh₁t‑óm
OLem lēh‑ ‘shine’
PLem *lewh‑, Narten present of
PIE *leu̯k‑ ‘become bright, shine’


OCS lěto ‘summer, year’; Eng light