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to be one’s-dat boyfriend, girlfriend (partner in a romantic relationship); a romantic relationship

lèwb.(, lìwb.) boyfriend, girlfriend

Usage notes

This word is typically used for unmarried couples, as we have the verb dwàc. ‘marry’ and its various inner cases for ‘marriage’ (cons) and ‘spouse’ (nom/dat). Using làwb. for a married couple focuses on their romantic love rather than on the institution of marriage.


NLem lumb‑a
LMLem, MLem lumb‑yr
OLem lumb‑ ‘love’
PLem *lumb‑, zero-grade root stative of
PIE *leu̯bʰ‑ ‘love; infatuate, confuse’

doublet of làb.


Eng love, Lat libet ‘it is pleasing’