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to place a person-acc upright somewhere-dat etc.;
self-transporting: to stand up, get up, perfect: to stand somewhere ditto;

Usage notes

This verb is not used for objects whose position can be determined with spatial verbs alone (see ‘stand’ in the English / Lemizh dictionary). It is only needed to distinguish a standing from a sitting or squatting person, whose coordinate systems share the same orientation.


NLem, LMLem pifn‑a
MLem pif‑ne‑a ‘stand (still)’, compound of
  MLem pif‑a ‘move (purposefully)’
OLem pifh‑ ‘move’ [intr.]
PLem *pifh‑, i-reduplicated athematic present of
PIE *peh₁‑
  MLem ne‑a ‘not’
OLem ne‑, inflected form of
PLem *ne
PIE *ne ‘no, not’


Ved vi-pipāná- ‘sorting out’, probably Hit pippanzi ‘overturn’