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to make red, to redden (with embarrassment-caus/psu)

riljdkà. to make cyan or turquoise

rijdvnè. lithium (symbol: Ε) ( vnè rìjde. ‘making fire red’)

Usage notes

rÌjd. is more likely to describe the focal colour (‘bright red’) than other colour terms, as attested since Middle Lemizh. (Conversely, ‘reddish’, i.e. a compound with a weakening numeral, is more likely to be used for hues that are not quite focal red.)

Judges wear red, which has resulted in colloquially calling them rèjd., and in the use of the verb ràjd. (‘making something-dat red’) to refer to verdicts.


NLem rundr‑a
LMLem, MLem rundr‑yr
OLem hrundr‑
PLem *hrundr‑, r-stem adjective of
PIE *h₁reu̯dʰ‑

This is the word for ‘red’ in most Indo-European languages.

doublet of redmà.


Eng red, Gk ἐρυθρός ‘red’