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to make cobalt (symbol: Μ)


NLem redm‑a
LMLem rèdmyn‑yr ‘meteorite iron’
MLem reedmyn‑yr
OLem hrēdmyn‑ ‘rust, meteorite iron?’
PLem *hrewdman‑
PIE *h₁réu̯dʰ‑mn̥ ‘something red, red stuff?’, neuter abstract -mn̥-noun of
  PIE *h₁reu̯dʰ‑ ‘red’

The name for meteorite iron was transferred to cobalt probably by mistake – iron meteorites typically contain less than 1% cobalt but about 8% of the chemically similar nickel, and of course over 90% iron.

doublet of ràjd.


Eng red, Gk ἐρυθρός ‘red’