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to teach someone-dat something-acc in school; see gwàt. for further plot usages

skholè. school teacher
skholì. pupil
skholòr. schoolhouse, school building/campus

skhola. school lesson

Usage notes

This verb denotes basic education in school, as opposed to higher education at university (tàkf.) or other forms such as night school, informal teaching, etc. The super-category verb is gwàt..


NLem skxol‑a ‘school’ [noun]
LMLem skxol‑yr
MLem skxol‑yr ‘leisure, rest’
OLem skçol‑
PLem *skçol‑
PIE *sg̑ʰ‑h̥₃l‑éh₂, abstract noun of
  PIE *seg̑ʰ‑ ‘hold, overpower’

The LMLem meaning is influenced by the similar sounding, and cognate, Koi σχολή.


Ved sáhate ‘overpower, defeat’, Eng school (via Gk σχολή ‘leisure; lecture, disputation’)