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to make legends about something-dat (or as a sibling acc object in certain constructions that have ‘legend’ in the fact; like ‘poem’ in unit 14, Objects related to language)


poststem from singular of
NLem stedr‑a
LMLem stètur‑ar ‘legendary warrior’
MLem steetur‑ar
OLem stētur‑ ‘legend(ary warrior)’
PLem *stewtor‑ ‘fighter, warrior’
PIE *stéu̯p‑tor‑s ‘hitter, brawler’, event agent of
  PIE *steu̯p‑ ‘push, hit’

doublet of stàd. (see there for further information), stedràj. and tàp.


Eng type (via Gk), Lat stupeō ‘be stunned, be amazed’