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to lead someone-dat to an assumption about something-acc;
dat, perfect: to assume something-acc

Usage notes

Conceptually, we assume something if it is that which is typically the case under the given circumstances; what seems to follow from the given circumstances. This is also the basis for this verb’s etymology.


NLem tUp‑a
LMLem tÙp‑yr ‘(something) typical’
Koi τύπ‑ος ‘impression, mark > type’
SHell *túp‑os ‘impression, mark’, nominalisation of
  SHell *túpt‑ō ‘push, hit’, zero-grade i̯é-present of
PIE *teu̯p‑, form without s-mobile of
  PIE *steu̯p‑

doublet of stàd., stedràj. and stedràc.


Eng type (via Gk)