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self-transporting: to flow somewhere-dat etc.

Usage notes

This is a movement verb for fluids and things metaphorically like fluids such as flags, coats or long hair. For actions ‘flowing’ smoothly, hràw. is more appropriate.


NLem wirxf‑a
LMLem wìrxaf‑a ‘flow swiftly’
MLem wiirxaf‑a
OLem wīr‑xaf‑ ‘swift stream or river’, compound of
  OLem wīr‑ ‘young, strong’
PLem *wīr‑ ‘young, strong (man)’, r-stem adjective of
PIE *u̯ih₁‑
  OLem xaf‑ ‘water, stream’
PLem *xaf‑ ‘water’ [animate], ‘stream’
PIE *h₂ép‑s


Lat vir ‘man’; Ved ā́p ‘water’