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to make weather;
(in measurements, else informal) to make 65536⁵ individuals (see appendix, Units of measurement)

djUtxÌps. Jovian day, the Lemizh equivalent of Thursday (symbol: Å; see appendix, Date)

Usage notes

The name of the Indo-European sky god, equivalent to Jupiter/Zeus, has been used metonymically to refer to the weather since Old Lemizh. From Early New Lemizh times onwards, this word is used exclusively to describe the weather (both fair and rough). It is also found compounded in the name of a weekday.

The planet Jupiter, as well as the god, is called djeipysrÌd. in Modern Lemizh.


simplification and voicing assimilation (from the weekday) of
NLem djeps‑a
LMLem djèpys‑yr ‘Father Sky’
MLem djeipys‑yr, haplology of
OLem djeipysir‑
PLem *djēw‑paser‑, compound of
  PLem *djēw‑ ‘day’
PIE *di̯ḗu‑s ‘sky’
  PLem *paser‑ ‘father’
PIE *ph̥₂tér‑s


Gk Ζεύς Πατήρ ‘Father Zeus’, Lat Jupiter