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to make a synodic month, a time span from one new moon to the next, i.e. of 29.53 days on average (see appendix, Moon calendar and Units of measurement for usage)


NLem xar‑ihk‑a, clarifying compound of
  NLem xar‑a
LMLem, MLem jixar‑yr ‘year’
OLem jihar‑
PLem *jehar‑
PIE *i̯éh₁r̥
  NLem ihk‑a ‘Moon’
LMLem, MLem ihk‑ar
Ghe ishq‑ə̄ /ɪʃqɯː/

The meaning in MLem and LMLem is somewhat unclear; see Otà..


Eng year, hour (via Gk ὥρᾱ ‘period of time’)