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to breathe (out) at someone/something-dat;
dat: to breathe (in)

xùz. lung

xàz rÌy. take a breath
xàz rydmÌy. take a deep breath (both used literally)

Usage notes

As breathing in is usually the more important part of breathing, this verb has the breather typically in the (agentive) dative. — Compare the remark on self-receiving plot usage of ‘eat, read, sleep, dream’.


NLem xez‑a
LMLem xèz‑a
MLem xeez‑a
OLem xēz‑
PLem *xāz‑, Narten present of
PIE *h₂ei̯d‑ ‘swell’


Gk οἰδέω ‘swell’, Arm ayt ‘cheek’