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to make earthly;
(in measurements, else informal) to make 65536³ individuals (see appendix, Units of measurement)

xnàr. the (surface of the) earth, the land, the inhabited/habitable world as opposed to the sky or mythological/religious places

djUtxnÌ. Terrestrial day, the Lemizh equivalent of Saturday (symbol: Ã; see appendix, Date)

Usage notes

The Earth as a planet among the others, as well as the goddess Terra/Gaia, is called djingmesrÌ. in Modern Lemizh.


simplification and voicing assimilation (from the weekday), gender change of
NLem dznis‑a
LMLem dzingmès‑yr ‘Mother Earth’
MLem dzingmees‑yr, haplology of
OLem dzingmēsir‑
PLem *dzeng‑māser‑, compound of
  PLem *dzeng‑ ‘?’, Narten present of
PIE *dʰég̑ʰ‑
  PLem *māser‑ ‘mother’
PIE *méh₂ter‑s

The first part of the PLem compound *dzeng‑māser‑ is the (verbal) root of PLem *dzeng‑om‑ ‘earth’ and is of unclear meaning.


Eng humus (via Lat humus ‘ground, earth, soil’); Eng mother