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to fear, to be afraid or scared of someone or something-acc/causal-transporting (also dat/causal-receiving; see unit 3, Ambiguous usage);
agentive caus, causal-reflexive: to frighten someone-nom

Usage notes

This verb denotes ‘cold’ fear as opposed to ‘hot’ fear, i.e. a fright or shock, which is bvmàp..


NLem xartx‑a
LMLem, MLem xartk‑yr ‘bear’
OLem xartk‑
PLem *xartk‑
PIE *h₂ŕ̥tk̑‑os

doublet of xyrtksà.


Eng Arctic (via Gk ἄρκτος ‘bear’), Lat ursus ‘bear’