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to move something-acc somewhere-dat etc., also non-sending; a body part-acc;
self-transporting: to move (a distance), to go somewhere ditto by train etc.-ins

jùx. engine, motor
jìrx. to put something-acc somewhere ditto; self-transporting: to arrive
jèrx. self-transporting: to leave, depart

jyxhlà. to salt something-dat
jyxsràx. to sugar something-dat

jixdwàw. to bottle something-acc
jixRàxt. to shoulder something-acc

jirxvìrsk. to misplace something-acc, self-transporting: to get lost ( vàsk jìrxi. ‘put erroneously’)


gender change of
NLem, LMLem, MLem j‑a
OLem j‑
PLem *j‑, root present of
PIE *h₁ei̯‑

Gender change occurred to avoid homophony with the pronoun jà., as pronouns referring to verbs were becoming more common during the last centuries.


Gk εἶμι ‘come, go’, Lat ‘go’