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to list something-dat, to make/write lists of something-dat (Grouping numeral, see unit 7)

polnÌ. a list of things-dat

Usage notes

Having to write lists, or having to work through lists, can cause physical nausea, as the Lemizh as well as the Ethiynic are well aware. — Hence the negative connotation of the word, its implication of tediousness.


Eth bolná ‘scroll > list’
PWald *kholn‑á ‘roll, cylinder’, nominalisation of
  PWald *kholnḗ‑mi ‘turn, roll’, nasal-infix present of
PIE *kʷelh₁‑ ‘turn (around)’

doublet of gwàj. and possible doublet of telmà.


Gk κύκλος ‘cycle’, Ger dulden ‘tolerate, endure’