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to make an electric capacitance unit, a capacitance of 0.8959 farads (see appendix, Units of measurement)

telmàr. (jocular, nerdy) location of a treasure


shortened form, academic loan of
Koi τέλμα ‘swamp’, possibly from
  Koi τέλλω ‘perform, accomplish’
PIE *kʷelh₁‑ ‘turn (around)’

Most electric units use the electricity is water metaphor, which relates electric capacitance to a water reservoir. A lake (Koi λίμνη) would have been the obvious choice, but the symbol l was already used for the mass unit.

The jocular meaning of the inner locative is based on viewing stored electricity as a treasure.

possible doublet of gwàj. and polnà.


possibly Gk κύκλος ‘cycle’, Ger dulden ‘tolerate, endure’