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to make nightshade fruits (tubers in case of the potato and leaves in case of tobacco)

zmèw. nightshade plant
zmÌw. nightshade fruit/tuber/leave

zmymwgrosà. to make Cape gooseberries, goldenberries ( zmÌw grosÌym. ‘nightshade fruit like cherries’)
zmymwxalà. to make tomatoes
zmymwfisà. to make aubergines, eggplant fruit
zmywràjd. to make bittersweet nightshade berries ( zmÌw rÌjdy. ‘red nightshade fruit’)
zmywmlàv. to make sweet peppers, bell peppers
zmywkàxw. to make potatoes
zmywpàbc. to make belladonna berries, deadly nightshade berries
zmywcnàdj. to make chili peppers
zmywwàcg. to make black nightshade berries
zmywskràj. to make thorn apples, devil’s trumpet fruit ( zmÌw skrèjy. ‘stinging nightshade fruit’)
zmUwqentà. to make tobacco leaves ( zmÌw qentìU. ‘nightshade leaves for the tobacco smoker’)
(all with inner nom for the plant and inner acc for the fruit, tuber or leave)

Usage notes

Having formerly been known only for their poison, nightshades have become increasingly popular for their non-toxic fruit (and tubers) since NLem times. There is a plethora of rumours about them: eat them raw to increase your strength and speed; always eat them slowly; only eat them cooked; imagine eating the plant instead of the fruit; etc. None of this nonsense, however, has managed to spoil the Lemizh’s appetite for nightshades.


NLem zmingw‑a
LMLem frenk‑vengw‑yr ‘fire-fruit (toxic fruit, bittersweet nightshade?)’, compound of
  LMLem, MLem frenk‑a ‘fruit’
OLem frenk‑
PLem *pfrenk‑, Narten present of
PIE *bʰrenk‑ ‘swell’
  LMLem, MLem vengw‑yr ‘fire’
OLem dhengw‑ ‘make fire’
PLem *dzengw‑ ‘burn’ [tr.], Narten present of
PIE *dʰegʷʰ‑


ON bringa ‘breast, chest’; Lat foveō ‘(keep) warm, foster’