lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Constellation Thimble (wzinskrùc.)

The Thimble was named by early European explorers who sailed the southern oceans, along with the Bridge, the Elephant, the Flamingo, the Hummingbird, the Ivory Tower, the Jaguar, the Kangaroo, the Loom and Shuttle, the Seal, and the Shark.

It is a small constellation located at the rear end of the Centaur, its top pointing north, and incorporating stars from our constellations Crux (the cross) and Musca (the fly).

In a story about the Ship, its crew uses the Thimble to hunt down a legendary creature, but they are thwarted by the Boojum.

See also wzà. in the dictionary.

The 39 naked-eye stars

In the ‘Our designation’ column, letters (sometimes with superscript numbers) in front of constellation symbols refer to Bayer’s catalogue or to variable star designations, and numbers to Flamsteed’s catalogue. Row colours roughly approximate the stars’ colours. The links lead to the stars’ entries in the SIMBAD Astronomical Database.

Designation (hex)Our designationlbrm
11λ Cen4.203.11
1010Hip 572110.236.10
1111Hip 571751.695.00
1212Hip 569861.784.93
1313GJ 36631.455.18
1414Hip 555971.575.09
1515Hip 552800.375.99
22λ Mus3.513.63
2020μ Mus2.024.75
2121Hip 567270.445.94
2222Hip 562870.515.89
2323Hip 568621.685.01
2424Hip 578511.834.89
2525Hip 588841.245.34
2626Hip 590460.056.23
2727Hip 587200.515.89
2828Hip 551400.286.06
2929Hip 576961.714.98
3030Hip 574392.874.11
3131Hip 566561.505.14
3232Hip 567541.495.15
3333Hip 566060.575.84
3434Hip 565500.056.23
3535Hip 577410.785.68
3636ο² Cen1.535.12
3737ο¹ Cen1.605.07
3838Hip 575121.135.42
4040θ¹ Cru2.594.32
4141θ² Cru2.064.72
4242Hip 581030.515.89
4343Hip 583260.905.59
4444Hip 595170.485.91
4545j Cen2.624.30
5050η Cru2.834.14
5151Hip 596780.096.20
5252Hip 584270.905.59
5353Hip 590500.435.95
5454Hip 598980.286.06
5555Hip 601830.096.20