lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Constellation Loom and Shuttle (wmùb.)

The Loom and Shuttle (literally ‘weaving tools’) was named by early European explorers who sailed the southern oceans, along with the Shark – see there for further information –, the Bridge, the Elephant, the Flamingo, the Hummingbird, the Ivory Tower, the Jaguar, the Kangaroo, the Seal, and the Thimble.

It is located near the celestial South Pole in the region of our constellation Carina, the ship’s keel. The shuttle consists of the stars p and q Carinae.

See also wmàb. in the dictionary.

The 47 naked-eye stars

In the ‘Our designation’ column, letters (sometimes with superscript numbers) in front of constellation symbols refer to Bayer’s catalogue or to variable star designations, and numbers to Flamsteed’s catalogue. Row colours roughly approximate the stars’ colours. The links lead to the stars’ entries in the SIMBAD Astronomical Database.

Stars with negative Lemizh brightnesses are variables that are visible to the naked eye when at their brightest, but invisible on average.

Designation (hex)Our designationlbrm
11β Car (Miaplacidus)6.111.67
1010E Car2.144.66
1111GJ 340.11.185.38
1212Hip 442830.515.89
1313Hip 463581.085.46
1414θ Vol1.445.19
1515Hip 414511.015.51
22υ Car4.452.92
2020Hip 463280.296.05
2121Hip 467370.006.27
2222Hip 496981.345.26
2323Hip 464600.495.90
2424M Car1.495.15
33l Car3.433.69
3030Hip 483100.945.56
3131m Car2.344.51
3232R Car−1.547.43
3333Hip 464820.485.91
3434Hip 483390.645.79
44ω Car3.963.29
4040Hip 497640.635.80
4141Hip 487820.126.18
4242Hip 525200.036.25
4343Hip 532720.375.99
55θ Car4.692.74
5050Hip 523702.014.76
5151Hip 524870.715.74
5252Hip 526781.255.33
5353Hip 527011.385.23
5454Hip 527361.864.87
5555Hip 525021.954.80
5656Hip 522211.015.51
5757Hip 513131.335.27
5858Hip 511940.366.00
5959Hip 505200.815.66
5A5AHip 514250.116.19
5B5BL Car1.734.97
66p Car3.953.30
6060Hip 517320.036.25
6161w Car2.254.58
77q Car3.833.39
7070S Car−0.896.94
7171Hip 502870.076.22
7272Hip 500440.276.07
7373Hip 492810.176.14
7474Hip 491640.455.93
7575Hip 492330.126.18