lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Constellation Kangaroo (markÌw.)

The Kangaroo was named by early European explorers who sailed the southern oceans, along with the Bridge, the Elephant, the Flamingo, the Hummingbird, the Ivory Tower, the Jaguar, the Loom and Shuttle, the Seal, the Shark, and the Thimble.

Legend has it that the seafarers played rock–paper–scissors to decide whether to put a kangaroo or a penguin in the sky. The Kangaroo won.

This constellation is located in the region of our constellations Pavo (the peacock), Tucana (the toucan), Grus (the crane) and Phoenix. It is looking northwest and depicted upside down in our ‘north up’ projection.

See also markàw. in the dictionary.

The 152 naked-eye stars

In the ‘Our designation’ column, letters (sometimes with superscript numbers) in front of constellation symbols refer to Bayer’s catalogue or to variable star designations, and numbers to Flamsteed’s catalogue. Row colours roughly approximate the stars’ colours. The links lead to the stars’ entries in the SIMBAD Astronomical Database.

Designation (hex)Our designationlbrm
11α Pav (Peacock)5.751.94
1010Hip 1003000.006.27
1111Hip 991370.016.26
1212Hip 986081.754.95
1313Hip 981741.375.24
1414Hip 997470.825.65
1515ξ Tel1.784.93
1616Hip 978160.685.76
1717ν Tel1.255.33
1818Hip 976461.145.41
1919Hip 966070.116.19
1A1AHip 974910.006.27
1B1BHip 967810.046.24
1C1CHip 958660.176.14
1D1DHip 961410.685.76
1E1EHip 956900.765.70
22δ Pav3.623.55
2020μ² Pav1.265.32
2121μ¹ Pav0.695.75
2222GJ 7760.276.07
2323Hip 976740.316.04
2424Hip 968820.256.08
2525Hip 997620.246.09
2626Hip 983320.715.74
2727Hip 1001650.006.27
2828Hip 979710.086.21
2929Hip 976110.086.21
33β Pav3.793.42
3030υ Pav1.505.14
3131σ Pav1.145.41
3232Hip 1019650.076.22
3333Hip 1043640.695.75
3434Hip 1016260.246.09
3535Hip 1029620.805.67
3636γ Pav2.744.21
3737ο Pav1.615.06
3838SX Pav1.065.47
3939Hip 1068180.076.22
3A3Aο Ind1.005.52
44α Tuc4.522.87
4040κ² Ind0.865.62
4141ν Tuc1.814.91
4242GJ 8571.285.31
4343κ¹ Ind0.196.13
4444Hip 1081950.475.92
4545Hip 1115480.076.22
4646π Ind0.136.17
4747ε Ind2.104.69
4848Hip 1119670.395.98
4949δ Tuc2.344.51
4A4AHip 1129240.176.14
4B4BHip 1086260.336.02
4C4CHip 1077730.865.62
4D4Dδ Ind2.494.40
4E4EHip 1109350.945.56
55α Gru (Alnair)6.031.73
5050GJ 8380.935.57
5151Hip 1064290.935.57
5252Hip 1069780.096.20
66ε Gru3.693.49
6060Hip 1136570.785.68
6161η Gru1.904.84
6262ζ Gru2.874.11
6363Hip 1141670.615.81
6464κ Gru1.205.37
6565GJ 8531.215.36
6666Hip 1152720.316.04
6767Hip 1155370.695.75
77ε Phe3.183.88
7070GJ 4.20.765.70
7171τ Phe0.745.71
7272Hip 23830.805.67
7373Hip 1170750.256.08
7474Hip 1070.985.53
7575λ¹ Phe2.014.76
7676Hip 22560.016.26
7777σ Phe1.455.18
7878Hip 1178800.326.03
7979π Phe1.525.13
88γ Gru (Aldhanab)4.353.00
8080Hip 1082941.095.45
8181Hip 1083470.126.18
8282Hip 1085431.025.50
8383λ Gru2.394.47
8484Hip 1058540.845.64
8585ξ Gru1.305.29
8686θ² Mic0.685.76
8787θ¹ Mic1.954.80
8888Hip 1059131.025.50
8989Hip 1049250.096.20
99δ¹ Gru3.063.97
9090δ² Gru2.864.12
9191Hip 1121270.286.06
9292Hip 1099020.236.10
9393π² Gru0.865.62
9494μ² Gru1.545.11
9595σ² Gru0.565.85
9696μ¹ Gru1.974.79
9797ρ Gru1.904.84
9898GJ 851.20.056.23
9999ν Gru1.065.47
9A9AHip 1128321.125.43
AAβ Gru (Tiaki)5.582.07
A0A0GJ 8710.375.99
A1A1Hip 1123811.005.52
A2A2τ¹ Gru0.326.03
A3A3τ³ Gru0.735.72
BBι Gru3.183.88
B0B0Hip 1149210.475.92
B1B1θ Gru2.654.28
B2B2Hip 1143820.595.83
B3B3Hip 1154960.206.12
B4B4Hip 1160970.336.02
B5B5Hip 1139020.645.79
B6B6Hip 1147750.675.77
B7B7φ Gru0.975.54
B8B8Hip 1144070.495.90
B9B9Hip 1166022.034.74
BABAι Phe2.104.69
BBBBθ Phe0.276.07
BCBCHip 1157590.076.22
BDBDυ Gru0.865.62
CCα Phe (Ankaa)5.142.40
C0C0Hip 23880.126.18
C1C1Hip 22401.135.42
C2C2Hip 35210.445.94
C3C3λ¹ Scl0.296.05
C4C4λ² Scl0.495.90
C5C5θ Scl1.375.24
C6C6Hip 11950.136.17
DDκ Phe3.113.93
D0D0Hip 31370.366.00
D1D1μ Phe2.234.59
D2D2λ² Phe1.015.51
EEβ Ind3.463.67
E0E0φ² Pav1.545.11
E1E1φ¹ Pav2.024.75
E2E2ρ Pav1.874.86
E3E3μ Ind1.465.17
E4E4Hip 1036930.016.26
E5E5γ Ind0.236.10
E6E6Hip 1049780.725.73
E7E7θ Ind2.504.39
FFγ Tuc3.033.99
F0F0Hip 1157690.855.63
F1F1Hip 1156200.895.60
F2F2Hip 1154330.256.08
F3F3GJ 12820.845.64
F4F4Hip 1146990.206.12
F5F5Hip 1155100.196.13
F6F6Hip 1159080.815.66
F7F7ο Gru0.985.53