lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Constellation Ivory Tower (prigtxeklÌw.)

The Ivory Tower, in which time and space are said to be interwoven and the past is illusory, was named by early European explorers who sailed the southern oceans, along with the Bridge, the Elephant, the Flamingo, the Hummingbird, the Jaguar, the Kangaroo, the Loom and Shuttle, the Seal, the Shark, and the Thimble.

It is located to the south of the Centaur. Its base corresponds to our constellation Musca (the fruit fly), while its top is at the northeastern end of the constellation at the star ζ Arae. In the top half of the tower, β Trianguli Australis is a fine man playing the timpani while looking out of a window; it is accordingly known as podaRèg. ‘the timpanist’.

See also pràg. in the dictionary.

The 109 naked-eye stars

In the ‘Our designation’ column, letters (sometimes with superscript numbers) in front of constellation symbols refer to Bayer’s catalogue or to variable star designations, and numbers to Flamsteed’s catalogue. Row colours roughly approximate the stars’ colours. The links lead to the stars’ entries in the SIMBAD Astronomical Database.

Designation (hex)Our designationlbrm
11ζ Ara4.193.12
1010Hip 831870.845.64
1111Hip 835350.725.73
1212ε² Ara1.335.27
1313ε¹ Ara2.944.06
1414Hip 819660.415.96
1515Hip 829020.445.94
1616Hip 830570.985.53
22η Ara3.323.77
2020Hip 821100.715.74
2121Hip 821710.965.55
2222Hip 826720.485.91
2323Hip 833230.016.26
2424Hip 816570.136.17
2525Hip 815070.156.16
2626Hip 806750.805.67
2727Hip 807880.246.09
2828Hip 828060.375.99
33δ TrA3.203.86
3030Hip 804550.176.14
3131ι TrA1.325.28
3232Hip 808741.445.19
3333θ TrA1.025.50
3434Hip 818230.056.23
44γ TrA4.522.87
4040Hip 755650.515.89
4141Hip 750910.006.27
4242Hip 745820.695.75
4343Hip 741840.685.76
4444ε TrA2.874.11
4545κ TrA1.545.11
4646Hip 744210.336.02
4747κ¹ Aps1.165.40
4848Hip 728330.905.59
4949κ² Aps0.845.64
55γ Mus3.233.84
5050Hip 611810.525.88
5151Hip 598510.086.21
5252Hip 591511.465.17
66α Mus4.762.69
6060ζ¹ Mus0.725.73
6161ζ² Mus1.495.15
6262ε Mus2.944.06
6363S Mus0.296.05
77β Mus4.293.04
7070Hip 622120.156.16
7171BO Mus0.216.11
7272Hip 617960.016.26
7373η Mus1.974.79
7474Hip 644660.485.91
7575Hip 648201.874.86
7676Hip 647900.286.06
7777m Cen2.334.52
7878Hip 654791.265.32
7979Hip 657830.246.09
88δ Mus3.543.61
8080Hip 636880.455.93
8181Hip 631650.455.93
8282Hip 626080.965.55
8383Hip 649940.316.04
8484Hip 652890.286.06
8585Hip 643900.475.92
8686Hip 655220.825.65
8787Hip 657550.136.17
8888Hip 665740.216.11
8989ι¹ Mus1.645.04
8A8AHip 676640.725.73
8B8BHip 692410.276.07
8C8CHip 692980.276.07
8D8DHip 679420.715.74
99α Cir4.113.18
9090Hip 727730.485.91
9191ζ Cir0.246.09
9292Hip 724380.485.91
9393Hip 706570.535.87
9494Hip 721311.215.36
9595η Cir1.485.16
9696Hip 740470.126.18
9797θ Cir1.585.08
9898Hip 710020.575.84
9999GJ 558.10.326.03
9A9AHip 697630.735.72
9B9BHip 741810.036.25
9C9CHip 704920.945.56
9D9Dε Cir1.894.85
9E9EHip 684550.415.96
9F9FHip 682700.096.20
A0A0ι¹ Nor2.184.63
A1A1ι² Nor0.935.57
A2A2Hip 796890.885.61
A3A3Hip 789890.156.16
A4A4ζ Nor0.655.78
A5A5Hip 779900.655.78
A6A6Hip 780450.685.76
A7A7Hip 784690.206.12
A8A8Hip 776450.715.74
A9A9κ Nor1.754.95
AAAAHip 800540.685.76
ABABHip 767160.435.95
ACACHip 783550.236.10
ADADγ Cir2.384.48
BBβ TrA4.572.83
B0B0Hip 778170.076.22
B1B1Hip 786030.036.25
B2B2Hip 782790.715.74
B3B3Hip 773900.975.54
B4B4Hip 779270.176.14
B5B5Hip 756650.745.71
B6B6Hip 753080.825.65