lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Constellation Elephant (elefÌ.)

The Elephant was named by early European explorers who sailed the southern oceans, along with the Bridge, the Flamingo, the Hummingbird, the Ivory Tower, the Jaguar, the Kangaroo, the Loom and Shuttle, the Seal, the Shark, and the Thimble.

It got its name from the legendary fifth elephant who did not want to carry the Earth like the other four, and went to carry the sky instead.

This constellation is located to the west of the Ship, looking north. Canopus, the second-brightest star in the sky, is its main star and represents its eye. ν Puppis is at the tip of its tusk, and the faint L² Puppis at the tip of its trunk.

See also elefà. in the dictionary.

The 130 naked-eye stars

In the ‘Our designation’ column, letters (sometimes with superscript numbers) in front of constellation symbols refer to Bayer’s catalogue or to variable star designations, and numbers to Flamsteed’s catalogue. Row colours roughly approximate the stars’ colours. The links lead to the stars’ entries in the SIMBAD Astronomical Database.

Designation (hex)Our designationlbrm
11α Car (Canopus)9.16-0.62
1010Hip 310790.925.58
1111Hip 312650.126.18
1212N Car2.554.35
1313Hip 309531.325.28
1414δ Pic2.064.72
1515ν Pic0.895.60
1616Hip 309321.425.20
1717O Car0.895.60
1818G Pup0.685.76
22ν Pup4.123.17
2020Hip 310560.116.19
2121Hip 320070.156.16
2222Hip 316170.326.03
33τ Pup4.432.94
3030Hip 331390.046.24
3131Hip 324941.175.39
3232Hip 337791.505.14
3333Hip 324020.615.81
3434Hip 333571.774.94
3535H Pup1.794.92
3636A Car2.474.41
3737Y Pup1.625.05
3838Hip 343490.415.96
3939GJ 34341.535.12
3A3AX Pup1.505.14
3B3BHip 350840.415.96
3C3CHip 355891.185.38
3D3DHip 355641.025.50
3E3EHip 335880.016.26
44α Pic4.033.24
4040GJ 34000.166.15
4141Hip 327750.216.11
4242Hip 310680.166.15
4343Hip 347800.326.03
4444Hip 305240.016.26
4545Hip 340001.025.50
4646Hip 304630.655.78
4747Hip 338000.356.01
4848μ Pic0.775.69
4949Hip 307030.605.82
4A4AHip 341051.505.14
55β Dor3.343.76
5050Hip 257810.116.19
5151Hip 260011.245.34
5353Hip 238401.445.19
5454δ Dor2.574.34
5555λ Dor1.505.14
5656Hip 289911.645.04
5757ε Dor1.565.10
5858η¹ Dor0.735.72
5959θ Dor1.944.81
5A5Aη² Dor1.685.01
5B5BHip 277370.455.93
5C5CHip 254820.336.02
66δ Vol3.063.97
6060GJ 34221.455.18
77β Vol3.323.77
7070Hip 406801.615.06
7171Hip 413210.435.95
7272Hip 409260.216.11
7373ε Vol2.554.35
7474C Car1.485.16
7575Hip 382100.655.78
7676D Car1.944.81
7777Hip 388630.176.14
88α Vol3.024.00
8080Hip 434141.245.34
8181Hip 456150.176.14
8282Hip 428950.326.03
99i Car3.073.96
9090k Car1.974.79
9191Hip 461010.375.99
9292Hip 462250.675.77
AAc Car3.233.84
A0A0Hip 436690.655.78
A1A1Hip 442560.635.80
A2A2b¹ Car1.784.93
A3A3d Car2.614.31
A4A4Hip 429360.096.20
A5A5Hip 422861.095.45
BBγ² Vol3.313.78
B0B0ι Vol1.145.41
B1B1Hip 323320.236.10
B2B2π² Dor1.205.37
B3B3π¹ Dor0.945.56
B4B4ν Dor1.615.06
CCζ Vol3.113.93
C0C0Hip 377200.156.16
C1C1η Vol1.325.28
C2C2κ¹ Vol1.255.33
D0D0L² Pup2.464.42
D1D1L¹ Pup1.864.87
D2D2M Pup0.555.86
D3D3GJ 264.10.945.56
D4D4I Pup2.374.49
D5D5Hip 351810.845.64
D6D6Hip 350290.735.72
D7D7Hip 335900.056.23
D8D8C Pup1.425.20
D9D9Hip 350540.435.95
DADAHip 350202.024.75
DBDBD Pup0.635.80
EEβ Pic3.223.85
E0E0Hip 276211.485.16
E1E1Hip 279370.216.11
E2E2Hip 279471.305.29
E3E3Hip 284840.825.65
E4E4Hip 273170.116.19
E5E5θ Pic0.016.26
E6E6Hip 263000.236.10
E7E7ζ Pic1.105.44
E8E8Hip 257681.085.46
E9E9γ Pic2.354.50
EAEAHip 243840.326.03
EBEBHip 258870.555.86
ECECκ Pic0.236.10
EDEDη² Pic1.625.05
FFη Col3.073.96
F0F0Hip 282870.615.81
F1F1π¹ Col0.166.15
F2F2π² Col1.025.50
F3F3Hip 291290.016.26
F4F4Hip 287900.455.93
F5F5Hip 279550.965.55
F6F6Hip 292630.975.54
F7F7Hip 265450.615.81
F8F8Hip 272431.285.31
F9F9Hip 253170.246.09