lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Constellation Flamingo (nymzdlÌb.)

The Flamingo was named by early European explorers who sailed the southern oceans, along with the Shark – see there for further information –, the Bridge, the Elephant, the Hummingbird, the Ivory Tower, the Jaguar, the Kangaroo, the Loom and Shuttle, the Seal, and the Thimble.

It is located to the south of the Scorpion and the Archer, in the region of our constellations Triangulum Australe (the southern triangle), Pavo (the peacock), Ara (the altar) and Telescopium (the telescope), looking south. α Trianguli Australis, Atria, represents its eye.

See also nàzd. in the dictionary.

The 88 naked-eye stars

In the ‘Our designation’ column, letters (sometimes with superscript numbers) in front of constellation symbols refer to Bayer’s catalogue or to variable star designations, and numbers to Flamsteed’s catalogue. Row colours roughly approximate the stars’ colours. The links lead to the stars’ entries in the SIMBAD Astronomical Database.

Designation (hex)Our designationlbrm
11α TrA (Atria)5.791.91
1010η¹ TrA0.515.89
1111Hip 831500.645.79
1212Hip 818730.336.02
1313Hip 821291.565.10
1414ζ TrA1.824.90
1515Hip 811411.025.50
1616Hip 841580.086.21
1717Hip 842480.535.87
1818Hip 797970.435.95
1919ι Aps1.175.39
1A1Aζ Aps2.014.76
1B1BHip 825170.206.12
1C1CHip 788680.765.70
22η Pav3.543.61
2020π Pav2.584.33
33δ Ara3.553.60
3030Hip 851690.685.76
3131Hip 860880.016.26
3232Hip 847310.455.93
3333Hip 851470.775.69
3434Hip 854800.076.22
3535Hip 873930.655.78
44γ Ara3.933.31
4040Hip 850680.685.76
4141Hip 857510.375.99
4242Hip 843110.256.08
4343Hip 850490.555.86
4444Hip 868710.405.97
4545Hip 879280.016.26
55β Ara4.562.84
5050Hip 855200.455.93
5151π Ara1.365.25
5252Hip 860640.246.09
5353Hip 871740.246.09
5454ν¹ Ara0.785.68
66α Ara4.562.84
6060Hip 862480.515.89
6161Hip 854090.495.90
6262κ Ara1.445.19
6363λ Ara2.014.76
6464Hip 847590.006.27
6565Hip 853930.136.17
6666Hip 854700.735.72
6767μ Ara (Cervantes)1.535.12
6868ι Ara1.415.21
6969Hip 865520.655.78
6A6Aσ/1 Ara2.274.56
6B6BHip 841050.445.94
6C6CHip 832160.395.98
77θ Ara3.483.65
7070Hip 895970.286.06
7171Hip 890960.276.07
7272ν² Ara0.246.09
88α Tel3.693.49
8080δ¹ Tel1.794.92
8181δ² Tel1.605.07
8282Hip 906620.775.69
8383Hip 902001.375.24
8484Hip 908420.745.71
8585Hip 895071.095.45
8686ε Tel2.334.52
8787Hip 888590.196.13
8888Hip 914941.135.42
8989θ CrA2.194.62
8A8AHip 923670.635.80
8B8BHip 907590.336.02
8C8CHip 887261.794.92
8D8DHip 926301.015.51
8E8EHip 926690.136.17
9090ξ Pav2.554.35
9191ν Pav2.184.63
9292Hip 903040.196.13
9393ι Pav1.065.47
9494Hip 894870.925.58
9595Hip 898050.136.17
9696Hip 906640.715.74
9797Hip 896051.215.36
A0A0ζ Tel2.884.10
A1A1Hip 904141.105.44
A2A2Hip 914610.575.84
A3A3Hip 920720.046.24
A4A4Hip 910620.086.21
A5A5Hip 926760.136.17
A6A6κ Tel1.455.18
A7A7Hip 936240.455.93
A8A8λ Tel1.894.85
A9A9ρ Tel1.465.17